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Purchase High-Quality Vehicle and Excavator Pre-Start Checklists in Camden

When you’re running a busy business in Camden, you have many responsibilities – including making a profit and keeping your staff safe. While making money is a top priority given the fact you and your employee’s livelihood depends on it, you don’t want any of your staff to get injured at work due to a lack of safety or neglected checks. When you’re working in an industrial environment, many potential hazards could cause an accident, and if anything goes wrong, it’ll be on your head.

It goes without saying that the safety of your employees is a high priority. While their well-being is the most important thing, an accident at work could result in a claim for compensation, and that could hurt your profits. We design and print pre-start checklists for Camden businesses so that you can ensure due care and safety. Pre-start checklists are used mainly for vehicle checks, excavator checks and other heavy machinery. If you produce a thorough checklist for your employees, you can be confident that everybody is taking the responsibility of health and safety seriously.

Vehicle Pre-Start Checklists for Camden Businesses

Vehicles are one of the biggest potential hazards in industrial workplaces and as such, you need to know that employees are safe while using them. It could be a ten-tonne digger or even just a forklift truck; a vehicle pre-start checklist in Camden and New South Wales will provide you and your staff with the secure knowledge that they are in safe hands. If it’s just for a small vehicle, a pre-start checklist could just list basic checks, or it could be much more thorough for larger vehicles. Your list could include:

  • Tyre pressure checks
  • Any existing damage
  • Engine and oil checks
  • A functionality test while the vehicle is immobile
  • Safety equipment checks such as seat belts and harnesses

Of course, your list could be much larger than that, but you’ll need to have your lists professionally designed to make them specific to each vehicle that requires checking. At Alted Printing, we can produce individual lists especially for you, uniquely-branded to your business and available at a high-value price.

Checklists for Other Heavy Machinery

Vehicles aren’t the only form of heavy equipment that poses a potential hazard in industrial settings. Depending on your industry, you could have a broad range of machinery for which to maintain safety procedures. At Alted Printing, we can design and print an excavator pre-start checklist for Camden businesses, or lists for anything else you require.

We supply an extensive range of professionally designed and printed materials to Camden and many other areas of New South Wales. We’ve been operating for nearly 35 years, and our success is dependent on the success of our products. If you’re looking for a high-quality, dependable and trustworthy company, contact us today.