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Have you been looking for a company to take care of your flyer printing in Wollongong? If so, before you make your choice, you might want to consider the difference between offset printing and digital printing.

As you might expect, offset printing is the older of these two printing methods. It utilises plates, cylinders and rubber rollers to copy an image or document and apply it to a piece of paper. The result is a crisp, clean and vibrantly colourful image. Because of the use of plates, though, offset printing creates more waste, takes longer to set up and execute and wastes more materials than digital printing.

Digital printing, a more modern alternative, and uses the same principles as the average inkjet or toner-based printer you might see in a home or office. Different digital printers can copy images, texts and other file characteristics in a variety of different ways. However, what they all have in common is that they don't use plates to recreate the image, which reduces waste, setup time and cost.

Which of these methods you decide to use for your flyer printing job in Wollongong will depend on a number of factors. At Alted Printing, we provide both types—a rarity at print shops in the area, as most businesses focus on either digital or offset specifically. By offering you both options, we allow you to consider the benefits each type of printing might have for your project.

Higher-volume print runs, for instance, might be an ideal fit with the offset run, since the greater level of usage will justify the cost and setup of the plate printing process. Digital, meanwhile, is better for low-volume print runs, because it avoids the money and time investment of the offset process.