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Alted Printing

The Biggest Little Printer in Picton

When it comes to designing and printing a brochure, flyer, magazine, letterhead or virtually any other type of printed material for your business, it can be tough to avoid having too many cooks in the kitchen. First, your business's marketing team needs to figure out which pieces of information to incorporate into each of these materials; then, you need a graphic designer to create an original, high quality, professional and aesthetically pleasing way of presenting that information; finally, you need someone to take those materials and actually print and reproduce them, so that you can disseminate them among customers.

When you work with separate people (or groups of people) for the drafting, design and printing of your marketing materials, it's easy for the entire process to become confused and convoluted. That's why, at Alted Printing, we try to keep all of those services under one roof. Indeed, in addition to offering printing services, we also provide graphic designers for hire in Camden!

Many of our customers make use of both our services, communicating with our graphic designers to brainstorm and build a brochure or flyer concept, and then sending that design to our printers for mass production. It's a seamless system that ensures the fastest, most efficient, most reliable and most affordable design-and-print process you'll find in Camden!