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The Biggest Little Printer in Picton

When you work with a graphic designer to create a new visual concept or marketing material for your company—be it a logo or a flyer—there are going to be times where the designer doesn't perfectly match the vision you had in your head. Even with the best communication, people can perceive and imagine things in different ways, which can sometimes leave you unsatisfied with the work that a graphic designer delivers.

At Alted Printing, we strive to make sure that such instances of dissatisfaction never ruin your customer experience. We offer both printing and graphic designer services in Campbelltown, and both services are guaranteed. What does that mean for you and your business? Well, say you hire us to design and print a brochure for your company. Our designers take your concepts, notes and ideas, and go back to the drawing board to come up with a design. Only when you get your first look at the design, you don't like it: something's off with the colour, the font, the overall layout, etc.

Whatever the issue, when you work with a graphic designer at Alted Printing in Campbelltown, what you see the first time around is not necessarily what you get! Because we guarantee our services, you will be allotted two opportunities to request visual alterations, spelling fixes and other edits to our design. Only once you are 100% satisfied with the design will we send it off to the printers.