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Alted Printing

The Biggest Little Printer in Picton

One thing that separates Alted Printing from other printing companies in the Wollongong area is that we always strive to get our customers the best deals possible. Instead of just operating in the way that makes us the most money, we will always work with our customers to find the best and most cost-effective printing solutions for their specific project. Whether you are searching for brochure printing, flyer printing or magazine printing in Wollongong, our printing industry experts will guide you through the entire process, helping you to choose the right paper stock, paper size, project style and size of print run to maximize your impact.

The bottom line is this: there are a lot of different variables when it comes to the printing industries. These different variables can manipulate the price and quality of your print run—whether you are printing books, presentation folders, business cards or magazines in Wollongong. There are even different styles of printing: digital and offset.

Often, customers who don't have much experience working with printing companies don't know about a lot of these variables. As a result, they are hesitant to manipulate the variables too much: of course, they are interested in getting the best price, but they don't want to sacrifice the quality of their printed materials to get there.

At Alted Printing, our industry experts will help you to manipulate the variables so that you can get the most affordable print job possible, with the highest quality results possible. From explaining the difference between digital and offset printing, to telling you about different paper stocks, our staff is happy to answer any questions you may have.