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A Printing Company Crafting a Name in the Southern Highlands

Specialisation is about taking your business to the edge and finding your niche. Australian businesses have demonstrated time and time again that they can push the ingenuity button to the limit.

Alted Printing in Picton is an example of how finding what your business is good at and focusing on it can be a winning strategy. 

An Australian-owned business that has been in operations since 1982, the company services a large and diverse network of businesses in the Southern Highlands. 

To ensure that it can deliver printing on time and on budget to its clients, Alted has invested in modern printing machines and the latest technology.

One of the areas where the company is gaining recognition is in the highly complex construction printing landscape. Alted has built a solid reputation for its fast and accurate printing of machinery checklists, site forms and WH&S booklets.

Alted is a local printer with a deep understanding of what businesses in the Southern Highlands need. The company focuses on delivering personalised printing solutions to its clients by ensuring that they deliver printing products that exactly meet their client's brief. 

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